Thursday, May 11, 2017

Quotes from Seth Haines

These three quotes are from Coming Clean by Seth Haines. My book review is here. I found these quotes insightful and come at the point in the book where he begins to come to terms with his drinking problem.
And here is my precarious position: instead of facing pain with faith in the Christ who promises rest, I have learned to avoid it all by way of substitution. I’ve traded the abiding rest of Christ…for the temporary rest of liquor. Pg. 64

The therapist has told me to turn in to the pain, to see that it is a normal part of the human experience. “Face the grief you have over Titus’s sickness and allow yourself to heal.” It seems ridiculous that fear and grief could be so crippling, seeing that my son is alive, drinking juice and laughing at Elmo. pg. 65

The bottle is not the thing. The addiction is not the thing. The pain is the thing. Pg. 71

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quietspirit said...

Pain in life comes in many forms. We choose how we handle it. I had to learn to deal with the pain I faced. Because addiction is part of my family history, I have had to deal with the many instances of pain by facing it head on. I will write the title of this book down and try to order it. I will read it and pass it on to someone I know who works with those going through pain and alcoholism. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us.

Susan Barnes said...

You're welcome, 'quietspirit'.

Hope the book is a good resource for you and others.